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« I loved smell of this cream, the texture, the base. It plumps the skin. Ideal in summer for a light routine. A real crush. »


« An extraordinary cream that is rich and yet with a very light fluid texture, very soft application, with a pleasant scent. »


« Totally convinced by this cream and its moisturizing power, it nourishes the skin. I would love to test other products of this brand, including the night cream and serum! A real crush on this day cream! It is very pleasant to use, its discreet smell (for me, the smell is very important), good makeup base, no allergy, good hydration, comfortable. I have used this cream for a month with high temperatures and I am curious to test it in winter. »


« It's the best cream I've ever had. The quality of my skin has improved significantly, it is undeniable. »


« Nothing, absolutely nothing to complain about. The smell, the texture, the penetration, the color, what have I forgotten.... It's simply a pure pleasure to use it. And ESPECIALLY convincing results!!!!! Can a cream be perfect??? This is dangerously approaching!!!!!! »


Excellent product! The skin texture is refined, the skin regains its radiance, and the features are smoothed after only a few applications.

It is one of the best face serums that I tested, I will buy it again for sure.

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