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Kaviaar Kare, an ode to Nordic beauty

The inspiration comes from the Far North, the beauty of icy lands; pure and luminous, reflecting a pristine environment with crystal-clear springs, frozen lakes and gleaming glaciers: hitherto unspoilt nature imbuing the KAVIAAR KARE line.

The founder

At the origin of Kaviaar Kare, is Franck, a passionate entrepreneur, who maintained the taste for cosmetics since his experience at L’Oréal. Tired of big impersonal brands, he decided to use his knowledge of the beauty world to create his own line of skincare with the values of authenticity, ethics and "made in France" , made from exceptional ingredients sourced from French suppliers.

The history of our sturgeons

Sturgeons being protected species since 2009, we use in our products farmed caviar from Aquitaine. Our sturgeons are born and grown in river water naturally heated by the soil, constantly filtered both mechanically and biologically. A healthy environment that ensures the excellent quality of the caviar we use.

We are scientifically convinced of the benefits of caviar for the skin, and one must only see the hands of those who work with caviar (with their incredibly youthful skin) to be reassured on this point !

The benefits of caviar

Caviar has the same vital substances as the skin (magnesium, calcium, amino acids, omega 3, vitamins A and D, trace elements), but in larger quantities, which makes it a valuable anti-aging ally to strengthen the skin and to give it more firmness. This exceptional product also contains a substance called "vitelline", known for its high content of phosphoproteins and phospholipids, essential components of cells.

The benefits of caviar for the skin are numerous; the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis is strengthened, its elasticity maintained, the collagen is stimulated and its suppleness, its firmness and its antioxidant defenses are increased. Finally, according to Dr Gérard Redziniak, PhD in Biophysicochemistry, "in sturgeon eggs, there are all the constituents of life"; that’s already there is to say, no?

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