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Your beauty questions

At what age should I start using anti-aging products?

There is no age to start looking after your skin, but there are a number of phases:

At the age of 25 to 30, you can start to guard against the appearance of fine lines

Aged 30 to 40, you should look to slow down the effects of aging

At 40 to 50 , repare your skin

Aged 50 and over, you should continue to nourish and look after your skin with the most suitable treatments.

Kaviaar Kare products are suited to all these phases and help you to protect, repair and enhance your skin, and make it more beautiful and healthy day after day.

Are anti-aging creams used instead of moisturising creams or should I use both?

KAVIAAR KARE anti-aging creams are multi-purpose. They target a range of factors, including hydration, which ensures that skin cells function properly. There is therefore no need to use a moisturiser as well as a KAVIAAR KARE cream.

Why do you offer day and night creams?

Your skin responds differently during the day and at night. Your skin cells regenerate during the night. From the age of 30, you can use a night cream to aid this process.

Why is there a specific eye cream?

The skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. It is also an area where the skin moves a lot to form facial expressions, which will mark the skin over time.

Why caviar?

Caviar is a purely energetic product. It is highly appreciated for its components: omega-3, amino acids, lipids, proteins, fatty acids, trace elements, vitamins... Thanks to its protein and amino acid content, caviar extract is used as a nutrient for living cells and has a useful effect on restructuring the skin. Thanks to its reserves in lipids, omega-3 & acid fatty, caviar extract improves tissue elasticity and acts as a barrier to compensate the imbalance that occurs during the aging process.

Vitamins A, E, C, B6 in caviar extract help skin to fight against free radicals that cause cell damage. These vitamins have beneficial nutritional properties. KAVIAAR KARE Paris skincare caviar extract is a sumptuous ingredient that nourishes the skin while activating cellular renewal.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is the most powerful natural moisturizer: An indispensable component to the quality of the underlying structures supporting the skin, hyaluronic acid becomes scarce over time. Its reduction in the body is a major factor causing the aging of the skin. The skin loses its flexibility, elasticity and density. Obtained by biotechnology, the different molecular structures of hyaluronic acid present in the beauty secrets of KAVIAAR KARE offer a wide range of benefits: intense, deep and long-lasting hydration as well as protection, smoothness and anti-dehydration. Skin that is perfectly hydrated, plumped and re-pulped can finally fully benefit from the power of the components of caviar.

Has the effectiveness of KAVIAAR KARE treatments been tested?

The effectiveness of all our KAVIAAR KARE products has been clinically tested. Corneometry tests have proven that the formulas developed by our laboratories provide optimal hydration.

What is your approach to sensitive ingredients when formulating your products?

Our treatments are guaranteed not to contain parabens or alcohol. They also contain a minimum of colourings and silicon to provide the healthiest possible care for your skin.

What is a serum and how do I choose one?

A serum is an intensive treatment which is applied after cleaning your skin and before applying your day or night cream. It is lighter than a cream and works in a specific way, increasing the effectiveness of the cream.

In which order should I use the products?

The key thing is not the number of products you use but the sequence of specific, complementary actions which meet your skin's different needs, providing a tailored response and an optimal result. Our products have been designed to be applied on top of each other (texture, molecular structure, etc.) for maximum effectiveness: that's why the order in which you apply the products is important. We recommend the following sequence to find out more

How long should I keep a product?

We talk about the PAO (Period After Opening). So on our packaging you will see a symbol depicting an open pot and indicating the recommended usage period, once the seal is broken. It is twelve months (12M) for all our products.

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