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The top 10 beauty tips


Get enough sleep

An adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep, and sleeping less than that can cause the temporary or permanent appearance of dark rings, bags under the eyes and a dull complexion. During sleeping hours the skin regenerates, so don't neglect this time in order to limit the effects of aging on your skin.

Do regular physical activity

Various studies prove that physical activity has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Drink fluids

The body is 60 to 70% water, so poor hydration has harmful effects on your skin and is one of the natural consequences of aging. It is recommended that you drink 2 to 2.5 litres of fluids per day.

Protect against pollution as far as possible

Pollution alters the elastic fibres of the epidermis and therefore its flexibility. Clean your skin regularly and use moisturising creams, which are effective barriers against environmental pollutants.

Be careful when exposing your skin to the sun rays

The sun helps us to produce the vitamin D our bodies need, but we shouldn't expose ourselves to it without protection. The skin is the first thing to suffer from prolonged exposure: dryness, burns and cell oxidation do not help to maintain youthful skin.

Remove your make-up at the end of the day

Make sure your skin is clean and healthy before you go to bed. Your skin needs to breathe. Women often forget to remove excess eyeshadow and mascara, which damage the naturally thin and fragile skin around the eyes.

Remember to relax

Stress weakens cells by altering their metabolism. To prevent the production of free radicals which will attack skin cells, remember to relax regularly and set aside time for yourself

Limit your consumption of cigarettes

The chemicals in cigarettes age the skin prematurely by thinning the collagen and keratin fibres which usually keep your skin supple and elastic.

Moderate your consumption of alcohol

It is well known that alcohol dehydrates the body, and the first thing to suffer from this lack of hydration is your epidermis. After one too many drinks in the evening, try to drink plenty of water before going to bed.

Use KAVIAAR KARE anti-aging products

KAVIAA KARE anti-aging products effectively combat the signs of aging with their blend of caviar and hyaluronic acid, which maximises the moisturising effect.

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