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At Kaviaar Kare, we advocate in all circumstances cosmetics:


Our relationships with our partners are healthy and trusting in a spirit of fairness, respect and transparency, just like what we want to convey via our brand. Our human-sized team, united around common values, is in constant search of innovation. We are resolutely customer focused; their satisfaction is a priority and we are in daily contact with the community.


Our products are made in France, with partners that we know and who know us, which ensures a perfect traceability of our products. We place a special emphasis on our consumers who we want to get to know as much as possible in order to offer ever more targeted products.


We try hard to reduce the number of ingredients in our products and choosing them we are respectful of the health and the environment. Today, the products we offer are free of silicone, alcohol, paraben, dye, palm oil, GMO-free... Every promise we make to you is scientifically proven, at Kaviaar Kare, there are no false allegations.

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